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Victory on Leonard Project Update: November 2022

We are currently in month 13 of our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment construction schedule. Here are some highlights:

  • The roof is completed on Section A.

  • Section B is having the sheathing installed and next week (weather permitting) the roof will be installed.

  • We're behind on window installations. They've all arrived but the installers have been delayed because of earlier issues on the site. We've hired a 2nd crew to catch up and should have all the windows installed in the next 3 weeks.

  • Framers are doing interior wall-work inside the building.

  • City inspectors have been very involved in this project and have been approving every floor as it's being framed out.

  • Drywallers are installing pre-rock, which is a cement board that is used around shower surrounds and anywhere that we need reinforcement behind the walls.

  • We're focused on the inside of the building and getting everything ready for mud, drywall and finishes that we'll be completing over the Winter once the building is sealed up.

  • The interior framing that is getting wet during the rain and snow is exterior-grade lumber that is meant to get wet and dry out once we're roughed in and kick on the heat.

  • Despite delays that have occurred such as water issues and window installer challenges, we are still on schedule to open section A by June 2023 when we'll welcome our first residents.

  • We are also within our budget and have a contingency to cover any overages that might happen.

  • As far as any cost overruns, most of the big items happen when we're excavating and in the ground (such as our earlier water issues). Now that we're up and the building is about to be dried in, we're past the point of any serious budget concerns.

  • Supply chain issues and material shortages haven't been a problem for us on this project. We haven't had any serious delays and the 12 months of lead time have really helped.

To sum up, we are on schedule, on budget, and haven't been hampered by supply-chain issues. Any challenges have been worked around and we couldn't be happier with our progress so far!

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