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Victory on Leonard Development Project Update: November 2023

Since our previous Victory on Leonard update, our goal has been to achieve temporary occupancy for Section A, basement through 4th floor.

We're excited to share that we achieved that goal, just in time for new residents to move into floors 1 & 2.

• Section B, 3rd & 4th floor have all their cabinets installed. Flooring is currently going in.

• Gyp-crete is going into the 2nd floor next week, and the 1st floor will follow by roughly ten days

• Hunting season is upon us and we've been able to work our schedule around it. We're also planning on extra downtime next week for Thanksgiving. Our plan is to push through the holiday season and still be on track to complete section B by the end of the year

• We've paved all of the side B parking lot

• Our dumpster enclosure looks great, with CMU block on the inside and our orange brick on the outside with a stone cap on the top

• The masons are completely done with all brick-work and have left the site, freeing up lots of space in the parking lot and sidewalk areas

• The decorative steel on the exterior is now completely painted black

• The building is being power-washed to make our orange brick really pop

• The stairs in the lobby have been quite an adventure and had to be ripped up twice. The first time because there were 7 steps when there needed to be 8, and the second time because they were off by 3/16 of an inch.

• We have temporary handrails on the stairs that will be replaced with handrails that are anchored to the floor

• We're completing the canopy above the retail space

• The interior retail space will be left in white-box condition so the tenant can determine their own layout and design

• The basement is coming along nicely and will be getting a good cleaning. The fitness room is completed and equipment is installed

• We're still waiting for landscaping to begin. Monday morning our earthwork crew will balance the site, and Tuesday morning Harder Warner will arrive to begin planting, sodding, and seeding

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