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Victory Development Group Project Update: August 2022

Here is the latest 'Victory on Leonard' project update from the team at Victory Development


  • The wood has arrived and it's going up!

  • First we installed plates to attach the wood to the concrete and steel using large metal bolts.

  • Next the trusses, floors and wall panels are installed for each floor until we get to the roof where it will be closed off.

  • The truss systems are all measured to fit in the exact opening.

  • Section A is the Leonard-facing side of the building and we're 50% done with installing the second floor.

  • Section B is the section along Widdicomb, which has been slightly delayed because the steel beams still need to be erected.

  • This delay should have a negligible effect on our project timing, because we'll just continue working on section A until section B is ready for wood installation.

  • Materials have been showing up on time and we're not waiting for any shipments.

  • The building is very well designed, which helps keep the project running smoothly. It's a simple build designed very intentionally. When materials arrive there's not a lot of complexity in installing them or troubleshooting issues.

  • You can now see the layouts of the units, including the balcony, maintenance closets and hallways.

  • We want to get the stairwells in asap so our workers will have easy access to all the floors.

Not mentioned in the video, but very much at the top of our mind is that we still plan on visiting the factory where they are building our panels. This visit has been delayed several times due to summer vacation schedules, although the work is definitely getting done!

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