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Victory Development Group Investor Update: June 2022

Things are really taking shape with Victory on Leonard! Here are a few of the highlights we're excited about:

  • Structural steel has arrived and is being erected.

  • The steel package is for the first floor only, and is providing a structural base for the 4-stories above.

  • Concrete and steel work hand-in-hand—the concrete is notched to accept the custom-sized and pre-fabricated steel.

  • In early July the wood will be delivered in panels which are being built at Zeeland Lumber's factory. The first floor is already built and ready for shipment.

  • Masonry work continues on the far south stair tower.

  • Excavation is still happening to complete underground footing drains and getting the ground to sand-grade so we can pour the concrete floor in the basement.

  • We have a letter-of-intent (LOI) for the retail space. Once it's signed we can announce our new tenant, who we believe will be an incredible asset for the neighborhood and our residents.

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