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VDG Victory on Leonard Project: We Have Our TCO!

Our challenge this week was to pass inspections in order to get our temporary occupancy (TCO) in time for our new residents to move in on Sunday.

Excellent news - we passed!

• The Fire Marshall and Building Inspectors passed our inspections this week. We will be able to move people in on Sunday

• Cleaners are working all day Friday and Saturday to get the units and shared spaces clean and move-in ready.

• There are punch-list items like nicks & cuts in the cabinets, adjusting shelves, etc.

• Floors 1 & 2 section A are up next, and will be ready for people to move in November 15

• Balcony pavers are being installed, all the balcony railings are complete, LVP flooring is in, shaft walls are done, and cabinetry and countertops are in progress on floors 1 & 2 (A)

• The basement amenity area will be ready by November 15th as well

• Finish work in the elevator lobbies is wrapping up. We completed these for our elevator inspection, but now we're doing a 2nd pass to eliminate any rough edges

• The front lobby canopy ceiling is in progress. We'll be coating the ceiling with the same EIFS we used in the garage

• The sidewalk is further along, but was delayed by rain this week. We should have it wrapped up next week

• The glass is being installed in the retail area and will be wrapped up next week

• Our landscaper is waiting for the sidewalk to be completed. We expect them to start next week

• The garage ceiling is completed and a portion of the parking area has been striped and cleaned up for our residents

• We're keeping an eye on the weather and change in temperature. The painting of the beam along Leonard will be painted before it gets too cold, while the beam along Widdicomb will be dependent upon the masons finishing their work

• Section B parking will start concrete next week, and then asphalt will be poured in the first week of November

• Section B is on schedule to be completed by the end of the year

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