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VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: September 2023

Our goal was to get temporary occupancy by October 1st for our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment development in Grand Rapids, MI.

We're delayed from that goal, but still within our timeframe to get TCO by our move-in date of October 15th. Check out this week's video to follow our progress, our delays, and plans to overcome the delays.

• The windows are in, and the concrete pad has been poured at our front entrance

• The first-floor lobby is boarded up and the floor will be tiled this weekend

• Mailboxes have been installed and we're ready to receive USPS mail

• Our sidewalk was delayed but is going in today

• The brick along Leonard street has been power washed and looks great!

• Landscapers will be starting next week

• The section A parking lot has been fine-graded and asphalt is being poured today

• All balcony handrails have been installed for floors 4 & 3 and we'll continue installing throughout the rest of the building next week

• The backup generator has been installed, along with the gas line and meter

• Parking lot lights and poles have been installed and are operational

• It took an extra week to get approval on the ceiling in our covered parking area. We now have that approval and have boarded up the ceiling and are spraying in cellulose insulation

• Our dry sprinkler system is installed in the covered parking area as well

• One of our big pushes is getting the elevator lobbies prepared for inspection. We're boarding up the ceiling and will continue with lighting and fire alarm

• The only thing we need for TCO in the basement is to have the ceiling boarded

• The stairwells have been cleaned up and lighting is installed

• On 4th floor lights are being installed and the hallway carpet is in place

• Our fire alarm is being tested on each floor

• Our studio appliances are mostly in place. The microwave was heavier than expected and we had to add supports. We're still waiting for the smaller studio refrigerators to be delivered

• Appliances were supposed to be completely installed by now, but our installers did not show up this week. We're working on alternate options to complete installation this coming week

• Every unit has an IT panel for 10GB internet. Our team from Stellar Broadband makes an appearance to explain all of our technology, including keyless entry locks

• We had to push our elevator inspection to next Thursday for the State inspection.

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