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VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: October 2023

In the last update we shared that we successfully received our TCO for floors 3 & 4 Section A at our Victory on Leonard project.

Our next goal is to complete our TCO for floors 1 & 2 Section A, and we're well on our way.

• We're setting up our concrete retaining wall and foundations for curb and gutter and dumpster enclosure in the B-parking lot. Cement is currently being poured in this area

• Concrete has taken longer because we needed to clear the area. The masons were using it for their staging location

• Most of the sidewalks are complete, with the exception of the ADA ramp on Leonard St.

• Landscaping has been pushed back to next week once all the concrete is completed

• Asphalt paving is scheduled for next week in the B parking area

• The decorative metal beam is painted black on the Leonard side. We'll be continuing that on the West side as well

• The stairs in our front lobby had to be ripped out and replaced because our concrete contractor made a mistake and only added six steps when there needed to be seven. They'll be fixing this over the next few days at their expense

• Retail storefront is complete and glass has been installed. There's still some trim and ceiling work that needs to be completed as well

• Our basement area is taking shape and our community room, fitness room, manager's office, bathroom, bike storage, dog/bike wash and cage storage will be completed in the next two weeks

• We are on schedule to be ready for our TCO by November 15th. Floors 1 & 2, Section A have LVT flooring in each unit, all cabinets and countertops are done and appliances are being installed. Hallway flooring will go in last to keep it in good shape

• Section B - 3rd & 4th floor have poured gypcrete, cabinets are being installed, and countertops measured

• Section B - 2nd & 1st floor we are installing drywall

• Section B is still on schedule to be completed by the end of the year

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