VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: October 2022

We are currently in month 12 of our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment construction schedule! Here's where we're at:

• Section A has all four floors completely framed out and the roof is being installed

• Windows will be installed starting next week

• We're working on the third floor of Section B

• We've installed temporary scaffolding that allows us to access all four floors and the roof

• All of the interior concrete has been poured. Because we're using all of the outdoor space for staging, we won't complete the outdoor flatwork concrete until the Spring

• 1 of 3 staircases has been installed. We'll be finishing it off with polished concrete

• The elevator will go in during the Winter

• Our subcontractors will be using our covered parking space for their shop trailers throughout the Winter

• We're trying to get as much done on the site before Winter comes, and plan on having as much exterior work completed so we can focus on the interior spaces during the the Winter.