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VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: March 2023

We are currently in month 17 of our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment construction schedule.

• Our transformer boxes have arrived and been installed by Consumers Energy. This is a big relief because it can be quite difficult to get transformers delivered & installed on-time with the supply chain issues & delays.

• Now that we have the transformers, Consumers will be able to bury the overhead power line that's too close to our building. Moving the power line will ensure the safety of our brick & metal workers as they work on the exterior of the building.

• Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection are working throughout the building.

• Drywall is being installed on the 4th & 3rd floors.

• Our exterior brick workers will start next month by setting up their scaffolding and starting on the Leonard-facing side before they turn down Widdicomb.

• There is plastic wrap over most of the windows. This is helping seal in the heat while our sub-contractors weather-proof each window.

• We're on schedule to complete construction in August. Section B is now catching up with Section A, so it looks like both will be online around the same time.

• We are still within the budget we planned from the beginning.

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