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VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: January 2023

We are currently in month 15 of our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment construction schedule! These updates are meant to share both the good and the not-so-good news about our development project.

  • More metal panel is going up on the exterior and it looks great!

  • We're finishing up the roofing on Section B.

  • There's a very small amount of windows that still need to be installed, and we're keeping a few open to allow easy access for lifting materials and supplies to the different floors.

  • We have temporary heat inside the building, which is a big help with the freezing temperatures outside!

  • A lot of electrical work is going on.

  • We're installing pre-rock and fire decking.

  • A lot of mechanical infrastructure is going in and we've framed out many of the doorways to each unit's mechanical room where their furnace & water heater will sit.

  • The window systems and sliders are a huge hit with everyone we bring through. They're wide, attractive, and open up the room, plus people love the private balconies.

  • Unfortunately, our retail tenet has decided that they need more space and has backed out. We're currently marketing for a new retail tenant who will provide a similar amenity to our residents and the neighborhood!

  • Second piece of unfortunate news—last month, we mentioned a delay with a change from the city inspector that required us to go back to our architect and engineers to resolve. Unfortunately, we're still in the process of working it out and it's caused a lot of our 'critical path' construction to halt while we sort this out. We're working diligently to keep things moving!

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