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VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: February 2023

We are currently in month 16 of our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment construction schedule. The good news is that we're once again moving forward full-steam ahead, after being delayed for two months by the city inspectors on our critical path construction.

  • We have resolved the fire dampener issue with the city and are back to work on our critical path items.

  • It took two months to resolve the issue, but we were still making progress on a lot of the other construction items such as plumbing and electric.

  • We hope to gain back some time as we move forward with our sub-contractors.

  • Budget-wise the changes required by the city won't add any cost to our project. However, there is a time cost from opening in August rather than June.

  • We are installing our main duct run for heating and cooling.

  • Brad explains in more detail some of the delays we had with the city and shows how the shaft wall works for fire-proofing and safety.

  • We're still looking for a retail tenant to take over the corner retail space.

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