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VDG Victory on Leonard Project Update: December 2022

We are currently in month 14 of our Victory on Leonard 120-unit apartment construction schedule! Some highlights:

  • 80 to 90% of the windows are complete on Section A.

  • We'll be starting windows on Section B next week.

  • We're wrapping the building in Kingspan GreenGuard—which is preferable to Tyvek because it helps keep moisture out and it's thicker than Tyvek and provides insulation.

  • The corrugated black metal exterior panel is being installed and will look great next to the brick that will be added after the colder Winter months.

  • Plumbers are building their drain and water stacks throughout the building. They are able to work through any type of weather.

  • Electricians are installing their rough-in boxes but can't start running conduit and wires until we have heat inside the building.

  • We should be able to start heating sections of the building next week.

  • Drywallers are installing their pre-rock board to go behind the drywall in the bathrooms.

  • Roofers are laying out the roofing on section B. Section A's roof is complete.

  • We're still within our budget as we reported last month.

  • There's been a slight delay with a change from the city inspector that required us to confer with our architect and engineers. This has been resolved and set us back a day or two (which we hope to make up on the interior work).

  • Bagel Kitchen is working with our architect to determine their venting and power needs.

Check back in next month to keep up on the progress of this exciting community development!

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