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VDG Victory on Leonard Project: Elevator Inspection Update

Today we had our elevator inspection at Victory on Leonard, and we're excited to let you know that we passed!

There's a lot to share with you in this week's update, including what needs to happen in order to get our temporary occupancy (TCO) next week so our new residents can move in on the 15th.

• The state elevator inspector passed our elevator. This includes all of the finished elevator lobbies, fire alarms, generator backup for the elevator, and ingress & egress of the areas around the elevator lobbies

• There were a few minor notes from our inspector that we have 30 days to complete. We're already working on them

• All of the elevator lobbies are completed. This includes, paint, tiling, ceiling, lighting, doors, flooring and fire-walls separating section B

• Next Monday through Wednesday we'll have our Life-Safety inspections necessary to receive TCO by the end of the week. There are three phases to the inspections:

• Phase 1: The generator needs to provide full backup to the entire building

• Phase 2: The smoke dampers are in the duct work and will be tested to make sure they work in case of a fire

• Phase 3: All mechanical systems throughout the building will be tested to make sure they're working properly

• We've been pre-testing over the past week to make sure all systems are ready for inspection and have been working with our inspectors every day in advance of our final inspections

• We'll also need to pass inspection with our building inspector, who will be doing an egress and safety walk-through to make sure the pathways and stairwells are clear, and lights and exit signs are in the right place. We have a list from the city to prepare for this and will be ready

• The building inspectors have been to the site every day for the past month and a half, so there shouldn't be any surprises for our final building inspection

• 4th floor has all of the appliances installed with the exception of our studio refrigerators. Electrical has been passed for all of the rooms. Hallway lights have also been installed

• 3rd floor is going through an electrical inspection on Monday, and the appliances will be installed by today (Saturday). Our electricians are still installing the hallway lights and should be done by Sunday

• Even though we ordered our studio refrigerators from Whirlpool 18 months ago, they're still on back order. Decker & Sons was able to source LG fridges in the correct size, and those will be going in this weekend

• Section A parking lot is completed and striped. Section B is being used for staging and the mason's lay-down area and will be completed by the end of the year

• Our sidewalk along Leonard is half-complete. The city needs to approve an ADA section that dips down to cross the street. We should be completing the sidewalk around the building along with the retail area by next week. This delay will not affect our TCO

• Landscaping was supposed to start this past week, but it was delayed by a day of rain and the delay on the sidewalk. This will not affect our TCO

• The glass is on-site for the retail space and will begin installation end of this coming week. Once the glass storefront is in, we can complete the flashing and roof above the retail space

• Half of the garage ceiling is finished with the exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS). The other half is being base-coated now, which is all we need for TCO. We'll finish the remaining half with EIFS after TCO

• Fire suppression is installed in the covered parking and the heads will be installed once EIFS is complete

• We're finishing up boarding and mudding the basement ceiling this weekend. This is required for our TCO

• Floors 1 & 2, Section A, are also underway. We're installing flooring and cabinets, and countertops have been measured. We have new residents scheduled to move in on November 15th

• Section B is underway as well and scheduled to be completed by the end of the year

• The risers in the stairwell look very messy now, and we plan to paint them the same metallic blue you can see throughout the building. This isn't required for TCO, so we can afford to wait until construction is further along

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