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VDG Victory on Leonard Project: August 2023 Mid-Month Update

There's a lot happening all at once at our Victory on Leonard project. In addition to the regular monthly update you can expect toward the end of August, we thought we'd bring you a mid-month update that we shot recently.

• The earth-work & site-work for our parking lot is underway, and you can see us digging up the old parking lot and trenching the drainage for the new parking lot

• Our HVAC/Heat Pump units are installed and provide one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available

• Our shaft walls in section A are approved and we're now closing them up. We're also underway on the final two shaft walls in section B

• Our mason is 2 weeks away from completing the brick exterior on the Leonard side and will then wrap up the entrance and move around the corner

• The hallway ceiling on floor 3 in section A is approved and almost closed up. We have approval to close up the ceiling on the 4th floor as well

• The bed in our model unit is assembled and the unit looks amazing

• In our last update we were targeting a 'hand-off' to our property management company on September 15th. That date has been pushed to September 29th, with tenant move-ins by October 1st. Hopefully, now that we have the approval we need on the shaft walls we'll be able to stay locked on that target

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